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Gemstones and Color Info
Stone and Bead Sizing


Sourcing For Jewelry Makers

Beads Pearls and Novelties
Suppliers of Czech and Venetian glass beads, seed beads, Swarovski, Preciosa crystals. 14K, 10K, gold-filled and sterling silver beads also White, Gold and Tahitian South Sea, Keshi, Akoya and freshwater pearls. Loose colored gemstones, tourmaline, rubellite, blue zircon, tanzanite, aquamarine, spinel, alexandrite and cats eye chrysoberyl.
CAD CAM and Computer Production Solutions
CAD design solutions, product development software, raw materials management, production and inventory management, forecasting, allocation, sales, EDI, warehousing and accounting applications.
Casting Services Mold And Model Makers
10K, 14K, 18K, gold, platinum and palladium, silver, brass, bronze, aluminum and white metal casters. Wax models, tubing, casting alloys, grain, plate and wire. Rubber and silicon molds. die-struck findings and mountings, settings, prototyping, strikings and castings. Mold and model making facilities.
Chains Wire and Tubing
10K, 14K and 18K gold sterling silver and gold-filled. Pendant chains, cables, rope, wheat, snake, curbs, venetians and rolo chains. including wire, sheet and tubbing in 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K and 22K gold, plus silver in 925 to 999.
Contract manufacturers of casting, finishing, wax setting, model mold making and metal mold making of milled, grown, hand-carved or injected patterns, also wire and eyeglass frames, wire, strip, wire and strip forms, springs, wire wickets and close tolerance metal stampings in stainless steel, zirconium, Inconel® and gold-plated wire and strip.
Eyewear Manufacturing Suppliers
Lenses and optical components made from plastics. Injection molding, tool building, protective hardcoats and thin film anti-reflective and reflective coatings. Wire and eyeglass frames. Also wire, strip, wire and strip forms, springs, wire wickets and close tolerance metal stampings in stainless steel, zirconium, Inconel® and gold-plated wire and strip.
Findings Blanks Mountings and Settings
Precious and semi precious metal findings, including hollow toggles, fancy styled rings, jump rings, coin mountings, enhancers, bails, snap locket loops, end caps, earring bases, pins, ring guards, lobster and spring rings, clasps, beads, chains, ear nuts, omega clips, settings, shanks, and heads, squaredelles, rondelles, noodles, tubing and segments, metal and plastic buckles, rings, D and O-rings, adjusters, snap hooks, tags, key rings, belt buckles, luggage hardware, trimmings, clips, wire forms, closures, connectors, snaps and ornaments. Tiffany settings, metal mold baset settings and snap settings.
Finishing Electroplating Engraving Polishing and Repair
Metal finishing including electroplating, gold plating and physical vapor dispositions (PVD) coatings and polishing.
Labels and Tags
Jewelry boxes, packaging, display sets, labels, and tags, computer tags and labels, bar code packages.
Machines and Equipment
Rolling mills, 550 and 250 ton coining presses, burnout furnaces, melters, ultrasonics, plastic injectors, Arc welding equipment, bar code packages, thermal transfer printers, ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic and laser metal welding systems, flexible shaft machines, bench lathes, micromotors, hand pieces, wax carvers, stone setting kits, abrasives, jewelers workbench and jewelry saws.
Domestic and international manufacturers and direct importers of rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all components.
Metals and Alloys Refiners and Assayers
Virgin alloys in platinum, palladium, gold, silver, platinum shot, platinum alloys and platinum ruthenium tubing. metal bullion, casting grain, sheet and wire, precious metal clay and silver catalysts. Also Assayers that tests metals to identify and determine the composition and concentration of it�s alloys. Refiners who mixes different metals to obtain the desired hardness, color, purity, and value.
Pendants and Stampings
Metal stampings in stainless steel, zirconium, Inconel® and gold-plated wire and strip, chains and pendant items in platinum, gold, sterling silver, titanium, steel, leather, silk and rubber.
Publications and Resources
Trade Magazines and suppliers of jewelry instructional books.
Rubber and PVC
Chains and pendant items in rubber. Rubber and silicon molds.
Machine and system sales and technical support, consulting and training services, credit reporting, jewelry marketing and advertising, insurance for the jewelry industry, metal testing laboratory. Transportation, e-commerce, and business solutions. Jewelry refining and trading services, repair, sizing, replace missing stones, restoration, tighten loose stones and laser welding, product development, spec sheets and tech-packages and armed escorts.
Stones and Gems - Precious and Semi Precious
Diamonds and gemstones, including aquamarine, beryl, tourmaline, peridot, amethyst, rubellite, blue zircon, tanzanite, citrine, zircon, all garnets, heated and unheated ruby and sapphire, precious and semi-precious beads in loose cuts, baguettes, tapered, trilliants, half-moons, trapezoids, ovals, emerald cuts and princesses cuts, cabochons, faceted and half-drilled stones.
Supplies and Tools Sample Display Production and Shipping
Jewelry showcases, displays, tags and label guns, high security safes, tools, supplies and equipment for assayers, smelters, refiners, jewelers, polishers, casters and electro-platers, repair shops. "Art Clay", crucibles and specialty refractory shapes for molten medal applications, jewelry saws, special burs, polishing and cutting tools, products, wax injector, steamer, ultrasonic cleaner, tumbler, rolling mill and scales.
Trade Associations
Member-based association of suppliers, manufacturers, designers and retailers dedicated to protecting the public trust in gems and jewelry through education, instrument research and laboratory services. seminars, online newsletters, and networking.
Trade Schools
Offer professional courses, classes and workshops for all levals of instruction including jewelry arts, gemology, appraisal, cloisonn, gemstone carving, digital goldsmith, metal weaving, silversmithing, glass beadmaking, wire wrapping, precious metal clay, enameling and beaded jewelry design, gem cutting, gold and wax carving, casting, metal clay, beading, pearl knotting, stone setting, ring making, chain making, handmade clasps, silver soldering and bench techniques.
Trade Show Management
Organizers of domestic and International Jewelry, Silver, Watch, Accessory and Equipment shows.
Watch Manufacturing
Watch bands, batteries, boxes, case parts, mineral and sapphire crystals, movements, batteries, and watch winders. Battery testers, pin removers, case openers, screwdrivers, waterproof case wrenches, combo closers.